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Wentworth House

Wentworth House, 106 Bloomfield Road, Bath, BA2 2AP

Image showing Wentworth House

Bath Hotels like Wentworth House with car park, swimming pool & hot tub are hard to find so close to the city centre. The hotel is set in a peaceful location but just 15 minutes walk from the city centre. Wentworth House Hotel is an imposing Victorian m


Wentworth House at a glance

  • Address:Wentworth House, 106 Bloomfield Road, Bath, BA2 2AP
  • Map:View this hotel on a map
  • Price details:Rooms from £60.00 per night (includes discount for booking online).
  • Number of rooms:18
  • Special rates:Discount offered if booked online. Check availability below to find out how much you will save.